Cold Calling For Crowdfunding Donations

Online crowdfunding India is a fairly recent thing. But crowdfunding drives online have their well-established history. For example, there are a thousand and one ways to connect with people on social media. This involves posting about your campaign on Facebook and Twitter and writing about it to various people. This also includes sending a huge number of mails. Crowdfunding campaigns need to be worked on from before. However, some times the time-tested processes used in offline crowdfunding can be used too.

Cold calling is one such process. It is an aggressive market strategy. It is a strategy used in offline crowdfunding. Apart from talking to people straight up, cold calling can be used to connect with a lot of people. This involves calling up people and telling them about your project and asking them to contribute to it. These calls may or may not be to people you know. Therefore you need to handle them carefully.

You need to be different from any other telecaller if you want to do some good in crowdfunding India. You need to get your listener’s attention. Instead of saying that you are such and such from ABC company, tell them your name and ask them if they care for a particular cause. If they say they do, explain your project briefly to them. Do not ask for money immediately. Instead guide them to a website where they can pay up. Give them the name and contact of your crowdfunding platform now. After a couple of days, call them again. Tell them that a large amount is needed for the particular cause but the person on the other side of the phone can contribute a small amount. Ask them to go to the website again. This might work better if the person you are calling has seen you at least. This also helps if you have done your pre-launch work and made a buzz about your campaign.

In order to practice cold calling for efficiently for crowdfunding India, remember to separate your cold calling list into two. One will have the names of all your contacts. These are people you can call and tell about your project. Now, some of these will not show interest. However, the ones who do need to be kept on another list. These are the people you are going to call back with even more information. Part of making cold calling successful is to know your contributor.

Crowdfunding platforms come in handy in projects here as they give you a credibility which your own social media account would not give you. Although most crowdfunding traffic in India is of medical crowdfunding and NGO crowdfunding, maybe, with individual projects you might have to use such strategies. This knowledge will come in handy then.


Michael Telvi New York Is A Man With A Passion For Helping People

A common view of people is that philanthropists are a thing of the past. They firmly believe that the present day society does not have a genuine philanthropist who reaches out to people who are in trouble. However this isn’t true.

Michael Telvi New York is a person who’s branded for the donations that he has always made. Study has shown that he generally donates half of his overall revenue. He is also known to motivate others to get involved in donations and charitable activities. This is because he’s a firm believer in the principle that people are communal beings and one of their fundamental responsibilities is to help one another in some way. As he has been doing philanthropic work he is aware of what is needed for helping others. Besides being involved in charitable activities and offering fiscal help he’s always been keen on helping in any aspect he can.

People belonging to diverse spheres approach him for donations & charities. Besides being an active Philanthropist who does a lot of donations & charities he’s also a great businessman. He is endowed with all the qualities of a flourishing businessman and offers his expert opinions to numerous small businesses and start-ups.

He Believes in Practicing what He Preaches

Michael Telvi New York is a firm believer in the idiom that one should only preach what he/she practices in real life and he follows this principle stringently. This belief comes from an understanding that practicing what you wish preaching others is the finest way of setting an example. This has made him among the biggest idols of many people who have great regards for his passion for good deeds. As the CEO of MSTC & MWL consulting he helps the clients with matchless services at extremely affordable rates. He sees to the fact that the clients are provide with efficient and effective services. This quality of his had made the firm reap enormous profits and stay among one of the leading firms in the field.

He is Passionate About Helping Others

Michael Telvi New York is known for his passion to help others. As a businessman he has always helped entrepreneurs do well and as a CEO of MSTC & MWL consulting he has always provided businesses with gainful solutions. Whether it is providing world-class services through his firms or making donations, he gives his best. He has also contributed significantly in making society a better place. Large sections of the population are delighted about the significant donations that Michael Telvi makes to charitable trusts. The thing that describes Michael Telvi the best is his relentless pursuit in assisting everyone with anything that they need whether it is business advice, financial assistance or moral assistance.