6 Ways You Can Make Sure Your Xmas Party Stands Out From the Crowd

After a long year of deadlines and hard work and a few mini meltdowns, an office party is the perfect opportunity to allow your team members to blow off some steam. To avoid those cliché parties of sipping on warm wine in those ridiculous festive jumpers while listening to Wham belting out those cheesy party classics, planning early is important. Involve your staff, get creative along with considering these ideas to ensure your next Xmas party is unique and fun.

Pick Your Theme with Care

When choosing a theme for your event use as much creativity as you like. Parties that gain inspiration from the hit show known as Peaky Blinders have become increasingly popular this year in the UK, with many companies getting set to go back in time to the 1920s. Alternatively, you can choose one of the winter themes like Narnia or Après ski and transform your office space into a snow-covered, fawn-filled forest or a cosy lodge-like feel in the Alps.

Choose a Venue That Is Unique

In some cases, a party will require a great stage, for example, if you are providing live music in Shoreditch, so choose your venue with care. If you want to add an interesting twist to the Xmas party, choose a unique or quirky location that matches up to the values of your brand. Some ideas include the Natural History Museum based in central London, The Royal Yacht Britannia in Edinburgh or The Monastery in Manchester. If you are on a tight budget, there are still many other unusual venue choices that are all over the UK. First work out how much you have to spend, your location and start searching.

Gamify the Xmas Party

Since we are all attached to our tablets and mobile phones, it makes a lot of sense to benefit from this particular addiction at your Xmas party. As well as setting up festive and fun competitions using social media, and getting those hashtags trending, you can also use gamification which will add that team building element or additional levels for interaction at the event. Using a simple app, your employees are able to take part in Christmas-themed interactive quizzes to treasure hunts on tablets or any other devices.

Host a Christmas Festival

The mini-break booking to the European Christmas markets really skyrockets over November and December, with many people searching Secret Escapes and for an affordable getaway. Most of your employees won’t have the money or time to visit Germany for traditional cups of Glühwein, which is why you can bring one of these markets directly to them. Think about setting up a Christmas festival in the office or at a nearby venue.

Reward Your Staff

Your Xmas end of year party should be mean more than just inappropriate photocopying or ill-advised office flirting. When the year comes to an end, now is the time to reward your staff for their efforts over the year and to ensure they are recognised among their work colleagues. If you did not host an awards night, your Xmas party is a great way to hold one of these glitzy ceremonies. Whether you chose a low-key or high style affair, celebrating talent will get your employees into a festive spirit.

Extend the Fun

Your Xmas party does not necessarily need to be held at night. If you want to extend the Christmas festivities, but you are looking to avoid staff members going overboard with alcoholic drinks too early in the day, book an interesting activity before the main party. December is a month full of events and shows, which means there are always plenty of pantomimes and musicals on offer. It may be a challenge to pick only a single activity, so there is also the option to offer a few for your employees to select from. For example, you can include a spa day or a driving experience, making sure there is something for all your staff members to enjoy.


Tips To Enjoy Holidays With Fun And Amusement

All of us often go for enjoying the holidays at some distant places. Those interested in doing so may follow the under mentioned tips that go a long way in adding fun and pleasure to Scotland golf holidays and at some prominent places.

  1. Consider what is significant – Think what you need for making the holidays quite interesting and glamorous. Always consider the number of holidays and your specific requirements for the same. The entire luggage and other belongings meant for the holidays must be thought with great care.
  2. Plan ahead – Try out an advanced plan before going ahead with the holidays. Celebrating the same may require you to talk to your family and friends. Volunteer activities may also work wonders. Making advance plans may help you a lot in enjoying greater pleasure.
  3. Proper packing – Pack your luggage in proper manners. It will give you comfort and save from the relevant problems.
  4. Place of visit – Always think of the place that you intend to visit for enjoying holiday like the ones in Scotland golf holidays.
  5. Arriving at the railway station or airport – Always reach the airport or the railway station well in time. You may miss the train or the flight if you come late.
  6. Select a good staying place – Those interested in enjoying the holidays with comfort must choose the right type of hotel or other places. Booking in advance through internet is good.
  7. Assistance from others – Those interested in enjoying the free moments like Scotland golf holidays may ask for assistance from others. Accepting assistance with regard to shopping or cooking may help the intending persons. Many relatives or friends may be of great help in this regard.
  8. Pacing – Pace you with social gatherings that may be of great enjoyment. But do not overburden yourself. Avoid getting involved in excessive activities. It is clear that nobody can please everyone. As such make it a habit to say NO without any guilt.
  9. Managing spending – Spending in excessive manners may spoil your mood during the holidays. Always stick to your pocket that should not be burdened at all. Hefty price tags may not give you the desired pleasure. Always make it a habit to spend as much as you can and avoid spending beyond the limits.
  10. Healthy lifestyle – Healthy foods always help to keep you fit during the holidays. It helps in restoring energy. Avoid taking junk and spicy foods. Doing yoga asana and exercises is also good.
  11. Avoid excessive drinks – People often like to take drinks during the holidays. But the limits should not be exceeded. Taking drinks in moderate manners is good as it helps to keep the body free from any disorders. Using medications along with alcohol may not work well. As such avoid taking the two along with each other as it may create problems.
  12. Family gatherings – Be clear about your own feelings and that of the family. Everyone should be heard about when getting together with family members.

The above simple tips can go a long way in enjoying the holidays in enchanting manners. Avoid going on holidays when you are sick.


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