When is Halloween and why do we celebrate it?

The spookiest night of the year is getting closer, seems like it’s about to reach us at any moment. It’s also a super fun night when people make the most of it and get dressed up, channeling their inner child, enjoy candy and spend the day (and most of all the night) doing typical Halloween activities. But exactly when is Halloween? When did this holiday fist become a thing and most importantly why?

We know you might have a ton of questions you’ve never really asked before (because let’s face it, we just enjoy Halloween, no questions asked), but don’t worry! Keep reading and you’ll learn when is Halloween and exactly why did it become such an important Holiday for all of us.

When is Halloween?

This popular holiday known as Halloween, by the way, is actually a contraction of Hallow’s Eve, or Hallow’s Evening. This night is also known in other places as Allhalloween, All Hallow’s Eve or All Saints’ Eve. The most popular day to celebrate this night in several countries is October 31st, because that’s when the three-day observance of Allhallowtide began. (But more on that later)

If you’re still not convinced when is Halloween, we’ll put it in simpler words: Halloween as a popular and modern holiday is always on October 31st; but since it originally meant the beginning of a religious three-day celebration, there are some countries that actually recognize November 1st or November 2nd as their main holiday. In some countries like Ireland, this Holiday was once actually celebrated as late as April 20th. Now, there’s another origin for this holiday which traces back to Celtic culture; for them their year ended on October 31st, as well as their crop season.

The origins of Halloween

So, we’ve established when is Halloween, but know it’s time you know a little bit about how it started. Halloween’s days of celebration are actually called Allhallowtide, it’s known as a religious three day period of the Western Christian church meant to remember the dead, including martys, saints and even departed children.

Loosely translated from old English, the word means “season of the saints” and there was a time when instead of three days this period took 8 whole days. It’s also a popular religious belief that, on these days, the veil between the afterlife and our world thins. Sounds like a spooky story, the perfect origin story for Halloween right?

The other theory (possibly the most popular one) about when is Halloween tells us about the Celtics, who celebrated the end of their harvest season on October 31st. On this date as well, they believed their beloved departed came to visit our earth, so they used to leave food and treats outside their houses for the dead to find them; also they lit up candles for their relatives and other sounds to find the way.

Why do we celebrate it?

So, we’ve explained how exactly did this holiday began, but that doesn’t really tell us much about how it became the spooky yet fun tradition we know and love. It all comes down to the Colony. Anglican colonists all over America recognized All Hallow’s Eve in their church calendars, which were very important at the time.

But it wasn’t until the 19th century that, along with a great migration or the Irish and Scottish, slowly the holiday began setting only on October 31st. By the beginning of the 20th century it was already celebrated nationwide. Also, the celebrations began transforming from a religious ceremony to more fun, community-involving activities.

How to celebrate Halloween nowadays

These old traditions and celebrations might have started as religious beliefs, but now they are all about having fun and spending a special day. Nowadays Halloween traditions include pumpkin carving (check out this link if you want to learn how to do it), dressing up with scary or funny costumes, trick or treating and making or going to haunted houses.

As you see, the topic of souls and the dead slowly turned into a scary theme (thanks Hollywood!) so now we know it as a night to scare and get scared. It doesn’t matter which way did this holiday came from, on Halloween you just have to enjoy the spirit and try out all of the cool traditions that you only get to do one night a year!

The Secret of Peruvian food: Why is it so Delicious?

it is not a secret that Peruvian Food is well known as one of the most diverse and rich of the world. The preparation of unique dishes has earned worldwide attention and you may be wondering: Why is Peruvian food so tasty? What is so special about it? The secret involves all the influences and cultures that come together in Peru. We invite you to learn more from Peruvian Gastronomy.

We need to take a look at the past

When we hear Peru, it is possible that the first thing that comes to our mind is the ancient city  of Machu Picchu, one of the most important places of World Heritage and a small window to the past about the Inca culture. We must consider that the big Inca civilization was in Peru hundreds of years ago because the Inca culture was the foundation of the Peruvian Gastronomy.

Peruvian food

·     Variety was important

In the ancient Inca gastronomy, they used different animals to create nutritious dishes since they believed the more variated your meals, the healthier you would be. Of course, at the present the variety of animals used are less but instead it is a common practice in Peruvian Cuisine to use different parts of the animals in order to prepare the traditional dishes. For example, the use of beef heart for the Peruvian Anticuchos. (If you want to check this recipe, read this article).

·   Herbs used for a better taste

The use of herbs is also a great influence from the Inca culture and one of the main traits of Peruvian Food. Using herbs like coriander and Parsley in order to add a fresh taste and variated colors to the dishes is an important aspect of Peruvian Food.

The combination of different regions  

Over the years, Peru has gone through big and unique cultural exchange with different cultures such as Chinese, Japanese, Italian, African, and Cantonese. This exchange has influenced the Peruvian Food, adding ingredients and techniques for creative preparations, as well as the tropical version of many dishes from other regions of the world.

The ingredients importance

Peru enjoys a tropical climate most time of the year, this makes it easier to produce crops of various kinds and of course, to easily produce crops from other regions and countries. This is an important fact because it helps keep all kind of fresh ingredients all through all the year. With all the ingredients at hand you are free to try different combinations and use them for creating amazing dishes.

The fresh herbs and variated chilies are of great importance for the preparation of Peruvian Food. Obtaining these ingredients is terribly hard if you are not located in Peru, which is why many websites offer authentic Peruvian ingredients like here in KOSMOS Peru, where we bring you a vast variety of Peruvian ingredients in different presentations, to help you explore all the flavors Peruvian Food has to offer.