7 Of The Most Interesting Facts About Pop Art

It’s hard to pin down exactly when Pop Art had its true beginnings, but it’s generally credited as emerging in the mid-1950’s in the UK and then in the US by the end of the decade. Pop Art uses the aesthetics of popular culture in the works; everything from comic books and advertising through to Hollywood films.

It’s a genre most of us will be familiar with; we all recognise the iconic Warhol Campbell’s Soup or the colourful Ben-Day dot work of Lichtenstein. Pop Art’s biggest stars are household names. Beyond these most well known aspects, here are some of the most interesting facts about the movement, which is still going strong, that just you might not know about:

1.) One of the prevailing themes of Pop Art was mass production and how that increased the disposability of everyday objects, including artwork. Andy Warhol famously said that everyone should be a machine and thought of himself as one, which is why he strived to make all his work look like it was machine made and mass produced.

2.) It was originally called Propaganda Art when it emerged in London and adopted the moniker Pop Art later when it also surfaced across the pond in America, becoming more popular.

3.) Famous Lichtenstein work, ‘Ohhh… Alright…’ (1964) took its inspiration from a panel in the DC Comics’ Secret Hearts #88, June 1963, which was a well-known and long running romance comic of the time.

4.) Pop artists would often enlarge the objects in their work to comic proportions as a form of cultural commentary and satire. The most common themes included household objects and food.

5.) Scottish artist and sculptor Eduardo Paolozzi’s ‘I Was A Rich Man’s Plaything’ (1952) is widely considered to be the first work of Pop Art. In the same year, Paolozzi formed the Independent Group – which was the pre-cursor to the Pop Art movement – in London.

6.) Pop Art paintings are continually among the most expensive ever bought and sold. In 2010, ‘Flag’ (1954-55) a painting of the American flag by Jasper Johns was bought at a Sotheby’s auction for $36 million beating the previous record for a Johns piece by nearly $10 million.

7.) Pop Art and pop music found that they had much in common during the 1950’s and 60’s, and both influenced the other. The pop artist Peter Blake even created record cover designs for Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Even now, decades after it first exploded onto the scene, Pop Art remains as popular as it ever was. Many of the main themes and distinguishing features from the movement can still be found in the work of artists today. As a genre, Pop Art is ever changing, always adapting to the zeitgeist and the culture of the time. It is, political and apolitical, confrontational and neutral – making statements about war, protests, the threat of nuclear bombs and attacks, which are fears just as real today as they were in the 1950’s


Why Matte Black Nail Arts Is Ruling Young Girls Mind

Black is a stunning, astonishing and a sophisticated color, which sums up young girls’ characters as they grow older. All girls need to be assured of attention and be awarded with all the awes in any event or social gathering. Matte black projects this flare and comes with a tint of a classy and the next level of personality. Wearing matte black is the perfect solution for young girls. Furthermore, it can be used with many other different colors, blending them and using them as nail art designs makes it much more fun and interesting. Here are some of the reasons why matte black is becoming the most trending among young girls and women.

Dark And Stable Color

Not everyone is proud of shining all over and becoming the center of the event. However, a shine that is accompanied by glamour and elegance is what matte black presents. Black is meaningful and offers one a perspective and an original personality. This is one of the best and easy nail art designs to complete and accomplish as desired. Furthermore, once finished, they are indistinguishable by others made by professionals. Using black matte makes all the difference.


Black matte pairs extraordinarily with glitter. The dark color of matte with a sample and glitter at the side, middle or on the nail length is inspiring if not dynamic. Side glitter is especially eye catching and breath catching especially when hit by light. In addition, you can use different glitters for each nail making the look more versatile. This nail art design is simple as it requires matte black as the base, glitter and a top coat for the final step.

French Tips

Imagine using matte black for your French tip nail art design. French tip design is easy to make and beautiful at the very end. It brings out the contrast with the other color and at the same time complements it. This is an easy nail art designs for young girls and one that properly defines ones individuality and expresses your fashion sense as simple and elegant.

Fierce Or Shouting Colors

Black matte is one that pairs well with any fierce color. This is mainly because the two neutralize each other. Matte is a somber color and if paired with a fierce color e.g. Fierce red, shining blue etc, the effect is an amazing, trending nail art design. Girls want incredible and their mood change is quite frequent. Due to this, matte black becomes the next best thing due to its versatility and extensive use in ensuring the best nail art designs.

Stars Or Hearts

It does not matter the time of the year or having a close person to you to use these designs on your nails. Stars and hearts are incredible especially if the color used if one that contrasts with the matte black. This makes it one of the easy nail art designs to do and apply. The stability matte projects ensure your nail art designs remain unique and exciting at all times. All you have to do is paint carefully and use the necessary resources and tools such as tapes, laces and other materials to achieve the desired look.

Animal Print

If your feel and nail art design is subtle, not shouting colors or glitters and hearts, then you can use the animal print nail designs. Similar to animal prints on clothes, painting the animal print on your fingers is simple, easy and fast. Using matte black makes it even more simplified, elegant and trendy in appearance. This can be done using free hand or using tapes cut in different shapes to mimic the animal print design.

Negative Space

Matte black is essential if aiming at achieving an outstanding negative space nail design and art. This is because of its versatility and the dynamic use of the color and the various ways that one can use it to achieve a desired negative space look. Furthermore, negative space requires an accomplished color and look which matte black has. Checking out the design is a girls dream and wearing one is a dream come true. With each step, matte black is fundamental when drawing a negative space nail design and or art.


Black is continental and its use varies from country to country or culture to culture. However, it is a symbol of respect, class, sophistication and elegance at its best. Therefore, it becomes a unique color and one that is coveted by many young girls. This is especially due to how perfect the matte black color appears when worn on ones nails. Get yourself a matte black paint or polish and enjoy the outcomes.