There is an increase in acceptance and interest in using CBD as an alternative to prescribed medications. CBD has proven to help in relieving different kinds of medical conditions. In the sports arena, hemp-based CBD products have created their dominance. The number of athletes using CBD products is increasing. They aim to speed their recovery between training sessions, reduce the inflammation and pain as well as protect against brain damage.

Athletes undergo abundant bodily stress. Training stimulates acclimatization and enhances performance, but physical trauma causes pain and injuries. Pain killers are a bad solution for pain management. Opioid drugs are addicting and can be fatal in case of overdose. So, is using CBD legal for athletes?

CBD’s legality for athletes

In 2018, CBD was legally eliminated from the prohibited substance list. The only condition is that the CBD product must have not more than 150 nanograms/ml of THC. It was meant to decrease the risk of testing positive during competitions. Outside the competition, this legality of using CBD products can help them to enjoy the health benefits. Athletes can now use CBD vape pens or topical.

CBD vaping benefits to athletes?

CBD vaping involves a vape pen including a cartridge filled with CBD vape juice. The device produces vapor, which gets inhaled and not smoked. It means the users don’t inhale burning substances, which can irritate the throat and damage the lungs. Vaping allows athletes to benefit from the CBD’s effects without any concerns about damages associated with smoking.

CBD vaping can offer multiple benefits associated with athlete training and recovery

  • Enhance endurance
  • Boost speed
  • Reduce the pain
  • Lower muscle spasms
  • Protect the brain against damages
  • Reveals anti-inflammatory effects
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Helps in sound sleep pattern
  • Endorses mental clarity

CBD benefits for athletes are extremely impressive, so how does it work?

During physical training, there is tearing in the muscle tissue. These get torn down to build stronger muscles than before. It results in acute inflammation because the immune system responds to body recovery after strenuous workouts. The athlete experiences soreness, pain, and fatigue. It can hinder the training sessions and hamper athletic performance.

Our body has an endocannabinoid system that controls and regulates the immune response and the sense of pain and inflammation. When CBD gets introduced in your bloodstream, it indirectly influences the CB1 receptors located in your brain and the CB2 receptors found in the immune system. CBD plays a crucial role in balancing the immune system and simultaneously stimulating anti-inflammatory responses. So, the pain gets reduced.

CBD vaping helps to overload the endocannabinoid system and the neurotransmitters regain their control helping athletes ensure homeostasis condition.

CBD is a great alternative to NSAIDs and Opioids

NSAIDs are unsafe. Today, athletes are advised to stay away from such drugs as they can cause renal damage. It also increases the possibilities of strokes and heart attacks. CBD vaping is a great alternative that can reduce training pain. Unlike over-the-counter painkillers, there are hardly any complaints or news about death from CBD.

Opioids have caused 50,000+ deaths in 2018. They are great drugs for pain management but the risk of addiction and over dosage deaths are high. CBD is not as effective in high-intensity pain relief as opioids yet is a better alternative. CBD is well-tolerated and has less dependence or death risks.

CBD usage methods

Besides vaping, athletes can use tinctures, pills, capsules, beverages, edibles, patches, and topical. The effects of CBD will differ with each form. Edibles and capsules need to go through the digestive system, so the kick in time gets delayed to an hour but lasts longer. Vaping and tinctures work instantly on ingestion, whereas topical is a great way to treat a specific painful area.

Recommended CBD dosage for athletes

There is no dosage rule because every person differs. As the CBD sector is unregulated, the potency consistency differs. The method you apply also plays a huge role in determining the dosage. It is wise to start in a low dosage and slowly increase it until an expected relief experience is achieved.

CBD has an array of healing benefits and it saves athletes from consuming NSAIDs and opioids. With myriads of CBD products available, it is necessary to get familiar with them. Understand doping violation and choose hemp based CBD vape liquid. Research the brands and choose a reliable platform to order.