Join the Trend of Impressive Helix Piercings and Pump Up Your Fashion Quotient

Piercings are a way of expressing oneself and also considered a fashion trend. It has been around for over 5000 years in several cultures. Though the practice wasn’t as widespread as today, back then many people pierced their body parts for cultural reasons. Today, the reasons to pierce may vary, but its popularity seems to only grow more with every passing day.

Reasons people opt for piercing:

  • Aesthetic: The visual appeal of piercings drives some to try piercings. They find piercings to accentuate their looks. They use body piercings to highlight their favourite/ best feature.
  • Tradition: Body piercings are deep-rooted in their culture for many. It signifies something meaningful and it is considered an attempt to celebrate their heritage. In Asian cultures ear piercing and nose piercing are pretty common piercing was also popular amongst several African and American tribes.
  • Popular culture: During the early 1990s of crop tops and pop culture, many celebrities donned different piercings that got an entire generation to follow the trend.
  • As a memory: For some people piercings serve as a remembrance to a special person/ day or an empowering symbol to remind one of their strength after a traumatic event.
  • Fetish: Genital and nipple piercings are done for sexual gratification or as a fetish play.

Helix piercings:

One can get pierced in almost any body part.  Helix piercings done on the ears outer rim continues to be one of the most-preferred piercings probably because it isn’t too bold and the pain levels are low which makes it ideal for newbies to piercing. It hurts more than the usual earlobe piercing, but the pain level vary depending on the exact place you are getting pierced.

If you want to get helix piercing done you are spoilt for choices when it comes to jewel options. There are number of online stores featuring jewellery that don’t cause allergic reactions to your body. Check out unique collection of helix earrings at Pierceoff. They are a popular Australian online store offering body piercing jewellery in different high-quality materials.

Their latest designs are a huge hit among body piercing enthusiasts. They guarantee good quality jewellery at affordable prices. Contact their team if you need help finding a suitable jewel/ style for you. Choose a jewel that suits your style and decide what kind of helix piercing style you want. There are various helix piercing styles:

  • Single helix: If you are careful not to attract too much attention, you can do an elegant single helix piercing in the ear’s upper quadrant.
  • Double helix: When it comes to helix piercing, you have more area to work on. You can choose to place two helix piercings close by or space them apart.
  • Triple helix: You can opt for triple small studs or more showy jewels – The choice entirely depends on your preference.

Body piercings are less permanent and considered less-controversial than tattoos. Its popularity has grown sharply over the years. It isn’t exactly a sign of rebellion. Try it out and flaunt your style.