Although, smoking industry has progressed a lot over the last few years, but glass bongs are still considered as the best choice for every stoner even now. Bongs are quite popular not just because of smoother and cooler smoking experience that they offer, but also you can have enjoyable session for healthy smoking with reduced amount of toxic effects.

There are wide varieties of bongs out there in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Each of them will have their own benefits and unique features. Among them, glass bongs are considered as most popular bongs all around the world.

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Different style and shape of bongs are famous because of their unique characteristics too. The most recognized glass type bong is beaker bong. These beaker bongs will offer excellent experience. Let us see what the various benefits of such beaker bongs as compared to other kinds of bongs are.

1.Can hold maximum water

This kind of beaker style of bong will allow you to use quite larger quantity of water as compared to any other type of bongs. Due to this reason, it can take away plenty of roughness which has been actually attributed to these glass bongs.

2. Very stable and strong

This type of bong is quite strong and stable. Usually, its base is flared out in conical shape and made out of quite sturdy borosilicate glass. Due to its wide bottom portion it will offer great stability and can help for daily use too. Its wider base can also generate plenty of smoke and offer you more rapid hit.

3. Can produce extremely smoother hits

Another benefit is that, it can produce extremely smoother hits due to increased filtration by using water in its base. Its beaker style will allow holding larger amount of water. This can take away all the roughness that normally come with any glass bongs. Also with more water, it will mean better cooling.

4. Can produce quite thicker milky clouds

Besides, smoother smoke beaker bong can also produce quite thick milky clouds by taking help of notches of ice and percolators. The smoke will get cooled as it will rise from its base and then to the percolator. Percolator will break and cool down your smoke even more.

5. Simple to use

These glassware beaker bongs are quite simple to use too. In case, you are searching for any user-friendly glass bong in order to get strong and pure smoking session, then such beaker-shaped bong will be your best pick.

6. Easy to clean

Most of the other bongs types that are available in the market usually having a complex shape and hence cleaning them can be a daunting task. These beaker bongs having very simple construction and hence they are quite easy to clean. It can always be a great grab if you choose to buy a beaker type of bong.