Chandeliers are decorative lights that usually have branches to hold several light bulbs or candles. When you hang a chandelier, whether it is your dining room, bathroom or kitchen, this light fixture will add glamour and enhance your mood.

Choosing the perfect chandelier can be an overwhelming task. You may have confusion regarding what style to choose? What size of chandelier you will need? Will a crystal chandelier suit your living room? Whether crystal chandeliers are still on trend? Here are some tips on choosing the perfect crystal chandelier for your home.

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Crystal chandeliers are the perfect ones to light up any volume of your room space. These lightings are suitable for decorating entry areas, living room, dining room, or anywhere you like. You also have the option of mini crystal chandeliers that you can use if the ceiling height is low.

To decide on the perfect chandelier for your home space, consider the interior design. Next, decide why you need a chandelier for? Depending on the place where you hang the chandelier, you need to consider the lighting. Whether bright lighting is needed or they need to be dimmed and the direction of light etc.,

Apart from deciding the style, there are three more factors to consider while selecting a chandelier for decorating your interior. You need to check the size, light and dimming facility. Chandeliers are statement pieces so, either too large or too small will look strange. You can make use of chandelier sizing guides to decide an approximate size.

Next thing is to decide on how many lights should your chandelier have? If you are using it for larger rooms or if the chandelier is the only light source, you may need more than eight lights. Use dimmer to adjust light as and when needed and it also helps extend the lifetime of the bulbs.

Chandeliers for your dining room can be up to two-third of your dining table. Make sure that there is at least a distance of thirty to thirty-six inches between the table and the chandelier. If you choose a long one, it may hang right on top of the dining table.

On the other hand, if the ceiling is tall, you can choose tall ones or three-tiered chandeliers. Chandeliers come with chains that enables you adjust the length. On crystal chandeliers these chains are perfectly acceptable and less noticeable.

Living room is the place where the whole family and friends gather together. You may want to make this place more special. With just hanging one chandelier you can easily achieve this. Make sure there is walking clearance. About 6’8” for example can be the more appropriate clearance.

For any of your room space, there is a chandelier to make the space more glam and unique. Pick the one that looks more attractive to your eyes.