Can the size of your neck cause sleep disorders? It is a strange question to ask because we hardly think about our neck size. In some cases, men use the measurement of their neck to check up collared shirts.

However, the size of your neck unexpectedly may be useful in determining your risk of sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea. Let us understand the link between your neck size and sleep disorders with the help of following points discussed below –

Can neck size obstruct your breathing while you are asleep

The main reason behind your wide neck size is that you are being overweight or obese. Your large neck indicates that there is an increased amount of fat tissue at the base of your tongue and also along the airway, especially in the throat.

Due to increased amount of fat accumulation in your throat area, the air becomes narrowed resulting in hypopneas with vibration i.e. snoring. This also results in obstructive sleep apnea. If you have bloated tissues in the back of your mouth and throat area then sleep apnea is likely to occur.

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When Do You Know That Your Neck Size Is Not Average?

Generally, men have a habit of knowing the measurement of their neck as they learn their collar size when they wear suits or dress shirts. In daily life women hardly measure their neck for any purpose.

Since neck size poses a risk of sleeping disorder or snoring, the doctor measures the circumference of your neck with a measuring tape. It evaluates whether there is any possible risk of breathing difficulties during sleep. The general measurement says that if men have more than 17 inches of neck circumference and women have more than 16 inches, it is considered a potential risk factor.

What Can Be Done?

Your ability to have a good sleep depends significantly on the size of your neck. This is the reason why physicians may measure the circumference of neck to determine your risk of having breathing issues during your sleep. Your neck measurement can act as an indicator that shows you need further check-up and test for sleep apnea.

If you can get rid of your body fat then you automatically get rid of unwanted fat accumulated in your neck region. In a number of cases treatment by a plastic surgeon may be necessary. Plastic surgeon may help you in reducing excessive tissue that includes fat or skin balance or removal.


Visit a sleep specialist if you are worried about your loud snoring or sleep apnea. However, before going to a specialist confirm your symptoms by assessing it through an online sleep assessing test, which is free and if answered truthfully, may help a lot in clearing your doubt.