If you ever visit a beach, park or any other campground then certainly you can see few people carrying insulated cooler bags. These bags are easily portable, convenient and can be great for keeping any perishable foods quite cool for much longer periods of time.

Marketing and advertisers who are looking forward to reach their consumers who are spending time outdoors can be easily attracted towards these imprinted cooler bags.

These promotional insulated bags are available in many different sizes, and hence these advertisers will get many options to choose. You can get from any lunch bag sizes to even chest size, which can be available for many different uses, and can reach many different markets as well as target groups.

Following are few data obtained after doing marketing survey about this product.

  • 8 out of 10 consumers own 1 to 10 promotional products.
  • Almost 53% of all these people use promotional product minimum once in a week.
  • 6 out of 10 will prefer to keep any promotional products for at least for 2 years.
  • Just 1 out of 5 people will trash any unwanted promo product.

Following are the few ways of using such promo bags to use them as much as you can.

      1. Take them to any show

The maximum use of these bags can be in a trade show, where almost 72% attendees who had received such promotional product always remembered the company name who gave them this product.

It can always help carrying all their goodies and remain hands-free by using such drawstring tote bags.

      2. Use these bags as rewards

A survey revealed that 75% of people who received any promotional product said that they considered the item quite useful. This ever-popular bags can be great gift and can surely be used by all customers and also use for displaying your brand anywhere they may visit.

      3. Fill it up

You can fill up this bag with printed brochures, folders, coupons, etc. while visiting your next conference. You can also fill it with few more promo products meant for any giveaway or social media contest.

      4. You can also donate them

If you are already participating in any local charity function then donating these bags can help your cause and you can also spread your name at the same time.

      5. Give these bags a job

Hiring any new employees? Just supply them these messenger bags for holding their laptop or any other important company handouts. You can also go even further and try to personalize these bags by putting their name too.

      6. You can feed it

Do you like holding your brown bag lunch? Use this bag to keep lunch cooler and also hold more promo products like notepads, pens, sticky notes etc. together with small snack. You may also include business card and few marketing promotions items too.

      7. Mail it

You can also include such bag with direct mail piece. This inclusion of promo product for direct mail campaign may able to increase the rate of response by 50%.