CBD, one of the chemical compounds of cannabidiol is found in hemp and marijuana. These are the members of the cannabis family. Hemp contains a higher amount of CBD when compared to marijuana, which has more THC. As per studies, it is found that CBD is used to cure many health issues related to physical and mental health.

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 How to take CBD?

CBD comes in many forms and the first and the best is in the oil form. You can apply it on your skin, take it with your food and drink or orally. The other forms are capsules, gummies, vape, and many more.

 Interesting uses of CBD

As CBD is fully natural, it has no side-effects if taken in the right quantity. There are many interesting uses of CBD and its benefits.

 Addressing Heroin Addiction

As per anecdotal evidence, CBD oil was effective in addressing Heroin addiction. Although as a byproduct of cannabis, many people think that CBD oil cannot be an effective way of fighting addiction.

A study that was recently published in The American Journal of Psychiatry backed the anecdotal evidence and said that CBD oil would be effective in reducing cravings of heroin. It is not confirmed yet and further research is required.

  • Helps to quit smoking

Surprisingly, CBD oil helps people to quit smoking have nothing to do with addressing heroin addiction. Researchers have found that nicotine interacts highly with the endocannabinoid system. It can minimize one’s craving for nicotine by replacing their interactions with the endocannabinoid system.

After further investigation by a study, it was found that people who took CBD oil gave up 60% of their smoking habits than those on placebo.

  • Manages health conditions in dogs

The good news for passionate dog owners is that CBD oil can improve the health conditions of their dogs. A list of problems can be managed by feeding CBD oil, which includes yeast infection and anxiety.

A clinical trial published in 2019 shows that CBD oil is effective to reduce seizure frequency in epileptic dogs. Although, most vets do not suggest CBD oil for pets since it has a lack of research.

  • Skin Care ingredient

CBD oil is also used as a skincare ingredient and cures the most common skin problems like acne and eczema. It was originally used by the tribes in Pakistan. It has now become very popular that even Sephora, one of the best skincare brands, is releasing its line of CBD-infused products.

  • Alleviates pain for wearing high heels

If you like to wear high heels, but can’t take the pain, CBD oil is the solution to your problem. It has painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, which can alleviate pain caused due to wearing high heels or other joint pain.

There are many more benefits of CBD oil like managing depression, Alzheimer’s, and other mental and physical problems.